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Life in layers

My life in baking began from a very early age. Growing up in El Paso, TX, my Mexican household was full of music, culture, and opportunities for creativity. Some of the most memorable included time to explore and play with food. I remember being little, dancing and humming to the vibrations, holding the mixer while helping make a family birthday cake. I was always excited to help cut and form our Easter Bunny cake, placing each piece of candy in the perfect spot.

Of all the traditions experienced, I am most fond of those centered around the winter holiday season. Hosting family and friends for annual Christmas cookie baking and decorating for Santa, building our family gingerbread house, rolling the cold dough for deliciously nutty lunitas in my little hands, all these memories are so fresh in my brain and are traditions I am actively working on passing on to the little humans in my life. 

I have been so privileged to be born into a family that hones in on traditions and has kept so many alive from childhood into adulthood. My favorite has to be our Gingerbread House Decorating Competition. I miss having my Ita and Ito as special judges, who most years, announced my team as the winners. 

Family fostered a love of baking. It is a love that has been so present in me for as long as I can remember. They are always loving and supportive and are amazed by all my creations, even the laughable ones made at the very start.


Among the many opportunities to learn and grow was the opportunity to attend UT Austin for university. During that time, I was involved in many organizations which grouped me with people with similar interests. Those people quickly became close friends and hangouts turned into late nights baking. I learned much from those friends and long nights of baking and learned many new and exciting techniques.

I was soon able to turn my hobby into a growing business, baking for friends and family. An apprenticeship at Better Bites bakery soon followed. There, I was able to learn how to bake gluten free vegan treats and new decorating techniques, quickly working my way up to a position as decorator. 


Time to study honey


My next step was to begin working as a teacher in North and East Austin. With that, came a lot of interaction with the beautifully diverse community here. I found myself attending many birthday parties and celebrations hosted by my student’s families. My services were quickly being enjoyed by many and I soon became known as “La señorita de los pasteles.” The relationships forged during this time have been very special to me as many of those families are still my most loyal clients today.

La señorita de los pasteles


Building the hive 

As fulfilling as this was, I decided I wanted more. But then… COVID-19 hit. I took my time away from the kitchen to start my identity as Beautiful Bee’s. I worked on modifying and perfecting my recipes in preparation to begin selling at SFC Farmers Market in Downtown Austin, beginning in January of 2021 and Frida Friday cultural markets shortly thereafter. In just one year I had expanded my business and was becoming a better known baker in the greater Austin area and surrounding. I was able to explore more flavors through the making of more custom orders including many tastings, weddings, and even some private auctions and events, something I will continue to do for many years to come.


Keep buzzin'

2022 brings a time of transition and positive change. I am now incorporating a new service into my baking repertoire. Combining two passions was an obvious choice. I am excited to provide the community with a unique baking and decorating experience through the Beautiful Bee’s Sous Chef classes. Utilizing my expertise in baking and my love and experience teaching and working with children, I hope to inspire the youth in our community to become empowered by working with food in a fun, creative, safe and educational way. Bee sure to reserve a class!

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